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Avigail G.

I came to Robby to balance the thyroid gland, I met a professional, kind and knowledgeable person.
After a few individual sessions and the nutritional tips I returned to balance.
Highly recommended!

Liat A.

Dear Robby and anybody else who reads it. I wanted to thank you for the incredible acupuncture treatments I received from you in the last few weeks, you were so sensitive and attentive. Even though I had many acupuncture treatments over my life I doubted a few needles will help me get rid of a disturbing ache I had in my back along my leg. I now feel much better and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend every friend of mine who might need support in healing to get in touch with you, you are so talented, take care, my friend. I will definitely see you again.

Sheina T.

Robby is wonderful! I had been experimenting with different acupuncture techniques/practitioners without any luck of relieving any pain, when I decided to try Robby. Even after only the first session, I felt relief in my problem areas, namely my right leg and left upper back/shoulder. Robby is very attentive and an expert and knows how to understand and treat the body with acupuncture, as well as with nutritional tips. I would highly recommend him!!!

Didier U.

I have been seeing Robby for acupuncture for several months, I must say I always come out amazed by the precision and effectiveness of his treatments. Besides being an extraordinary person, his vast knowledge and holistic approach to health has made him my go-to Medicine Man. Thank you Robby!

Marcy B.

I have been seeing Robby for acupuncture for several months, I must say I always come out amazed by the precision and effectiveness of his treatments. Besides being an extraordinary person, his vast knowledge and holistic approach to health has made him my go-to Medicine Man. Thank you Robby!

Stefan M.

Highly recommended for his professionalism in acupuncture treatments and dietetic advices.

Rashin H.

Robby is a dedicated and wholehearted caregiver. You feel his professionalism and care in every meeting. He has a wealth of knowledge in proper and adapted nutrition. I used it for my knee pain which improved miraculously. I recommend Ruby as a therapist.

Moriah B.

Robby is a therapist and a charming and professional person.
Kind and generous with infinite knowledge. Diagnoses based on knowledge and different and diverse tools and treats with acupuncture and through personalized nutrition recommendations according to the patient’s health condition. Very attentive and helpful and answers every question. He gave me advice and recommendations that are worth their weight in gold. Highly recommend it!

Ali M.

Robby is a professional therapist who listens and sees the person sitting in front of him. Helped me a lot with several problems both with acupuncture and with personal nutrition,
He was patient and available for me for any question and made sure to accompany me so that the changes would be relevant and fit into my lifestyle. Since the situation has improved, we meet less frequently and I only come when I need to. Thanks Robby!

Gali H.

Robby is an amazing therapist, very knowledgeable and with a big heart! Caring, attentive and professional. He helped me a lot in putting together a nutrition menu that would suit my mind and support my body. Warmly recommended!!!

Isaac Y.

I have been treated by Robby for several months. Robby is attentive, calm, understanding. Very thorough, and especially knows how to provide treatment in my own way:
For the first time I was able to significantly change my eating habits – which was reflected in a healthier body feeling and weight loss. This is because the way in which Robby outlined my menu together with me did not make a revolution at once, but rather understood my eating habits, and gently touched my way to change while adding ingredients that suit my taste.
This while combining with acupuncture and other ways of treatment.

Mirjam G.

Dear Robby treated me with devotion, gentleness and kindness for over a year regularly. I found with him relief for various physical problems as well as a listening ear. A good soul with golden hands! Recommended.

Yael V.

Robby is a professional therapist, attentive and sensitive to the needs of his patients. It’s nice to go to him for treatment. He is a champion in matters of digestion and nutrition. It is highly recommended

Elinor S.

Robbie is a professional therapist with supreme grace with warmth, sensitivity, humanity and in the end leads to results. Highly recommended.

Shay G.

Robby is a great person, he built a nutrition menu for me professionally, sat very patiently and listened, tested and researched which foods are best for me, I highly recommend contacting him in any matter of nutrition and health, Robby thank you.

Irit Y.

I came to Robby for acupuncture when I suffer from severe joint pain
Robby was charming and attentive, took care of me with great devotion and managed to alleviate the pain
He was very professional, and in addition recommended plants and vitamins that helped me later. Professional and highly recommended.

Adi T.

I have been to Robby a number of times for different problems, each time I came out of the treatment like new! Robby is an attentive and sensitive therapist and treatment with him is truly a special experience, and of course strengthening..

Yair G.

Robby is a great and attentive therapist.
I arrived after a long time with prolonged pain in the shoulder area and I was surprised by the level of benefit we achieved in a relatively short time.

Adi E.

Highly recommend Robby! Understanding the body in depth. In one treatment he was able to overcome a skin problem I had for a while.

Nini M.

Just a wonderful therapist, Sensitive, devoted and attentive.
The treatment really helped. I highly recommend Robby.